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CHANNELS e-Newsletter Just Got Much Better


With today's edition, we have launched a redesigned CHANNELS e-newsletter. The new design is the last step in a reinvention of the the PassageMaker brand that began more than a year ago. Subscribers will notice a new cleaner look, thanks to the efforts of Art Director Dave Pollard.

At the same time Associate Editor Mark Fusco, who handles CHANNELS editorial, has raised the bar regarding the quality of the stories and has done a great job ensuring that each story is illustrated with photos and other graphic elements. was redesigned in the spring and now is constantly being updated with fresh stories, including news, destinations, technical explainers and lifestyle pieces. As a result visits to the site have nearly doubled compared to the previous year. In December alone, visits were up 170 percent, with each visitor spending an average of more than 4 minutes with us--that's actually a very impressive amount of time.

We realize that not everyone can visit every day, so each CHANNELS now contains a list of headlines that click back to some of the site's recent "greatest hits."

At the same time we have upped the frequency of CHANNELS from twice to thrice-monthly. Subscribing is free and easy. Go to the home page and click on the subscription panel or follow the link here.