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Coast Guard Suspends Hatteras Inlet Nav Aids (VIDEO)

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Recent hydrographic surveys conducted by NOAA discovered signifiant shoaling in the Hatteras Inlet, prompting the Coast Guard to temporarily discontinue several navigation aids.

The area, between buoys 9 and 13, was found to be far too shallow for passing boats to navigate safely. This, coupled with the decrease in safe channel width, has the Coast Guard recommending that mariners seek alternate routes either through the Barney Slough and South Ferry Channel.

It is not yet known when the markers will be restored. See the full list of suspended navigational aids below. For any questions or concerns, please contact the Sector North Carolina Command Center at 910-343-3880.

28669 - Buoy 9
28730.1 - Channel Lighted Buoy 11A
28670 - Buoy 9A
28730.15 Channel Buoy 11AA
28724 - Lighted Buoy 9B
28730.2 - Channel Lighted Buoy 11B
28726 - Lighted Buoy 10
28733 - Channel Lighted Buoy 12AA
28726.1 - Buoy 10A
28733.1 - Channel Lighted Buoy 12B
28726.2 - Lighted Buoy 10B
28733.2 - Channel Lighted Buoy 12C
28729 - Lighted Buoy 11
28735.2 - Channel Lighted Buoy 13