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Steve Dashew, the renown designer of FPBs, recently announced the discontinuation of the FPB line with this announcement:

Steve & Linda Dashew

Steve & Linda Dashew

"Most of you know that we’ve decided not to build any more FPBs. The time has come for us do some cruising. Although we would have rather had the FPB marque continue, we simply could not find an approach that guaranteed our standards would be upheld.

"That said, we are aware that there are going to be others trying to fill the void left in the marketplace, and to the extent that these folks build a credible yacht, we welcome their efforts.

"However, when they say that their design is “a continuation as well as a true progression” of the FPB Series, we are put in a difficult position.

"Linda and I have posted a new blog on SetSail that addresses this in detail. We invite you to read the whole article on SetSail, and welcome your thoughts and comments."