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This Cool New App Is Like An Airbnb For Dockage

Maryland startup Dockshare helps boaters find docks and dock owners make extra income.

Dockshare, a Maryland-based startup, has announced the launch of a new online platform that connects boaters with private dock owners to rent their docks for hours, days, weeks, or longer. The platform provides a safe and easy way for boaters to access more dockage options and an extra income source for dock owners. Here's how it works.

Private dock owners can promote their under-utilized docks to boaters through professional profiles. Dock owners can list a dock on their mobile phone or desktop computer for free without any upfront costs. They share information about the dock: photos, description, amenities, availability, pricing, and specs on the profile. Pricing is determined and finalized by the private dock owner. Upon arrival by the boaters, dock owners accept payment through the secure Dockshare system and start earning income.

“In the past, boaters were limited to areas where marinas were located, and sometimes felt the financial strain when docking smaller boats," said Gina Young, co-founder of Dockshare. "They were forced to plan far in advance, and relied on social media, message boards, phone calls and newspaper ads to access private boat dock rentals. With the user-friendly platform, Dockshare provides a convenient and flexible way for boaters to access private dock listings and have the freedom to dock wherever they want, whenever they want with a trusted dock owner.”

The process is easy: Boaters can log onto the site; search for a dock that meets the necessary requirements: distance from location, dimensions, and cost; select the dates and times (short-term and long-term options available); reserve the dock in advance or make a same-day reservation; and pay through the secure platform. All transactions are facilitated securely through Dockshare’s online platform, providing a convenient, transparent, and cost-effective way for boaters and dock owners to share the waterways.

Dockshare conducted national qualitative market research among dock and boat owners and learned that there was a void in docking options within the market. 

“Following the pandemic and with the warmer weather quickly approaching, there is going to be a surge of boaters on the water this season,” said Nate Young, co-founder of Dockshare. “As boaters and water enthusiasts ourselves, we know that one of the major challenges for boaters is finding a place to dock, for both short-term and long-term needs, so this new platform is a win-win for boaters and dock owners. Think of it as the Airbnb or Hotel Tonight of the boating world.”

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