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"Stress-Free Mooring" by Duncan Wells

Do you suffer from anxiety in docking situations? Here's a book that can help.

Whether it’s a new boat, a new port or a new season, securing a vessel at the end of a long cruise or a casual day on the water can be a challenge. Duncan Wells, a sailor, instructor and author of a trio of how-to boating books, has condensed material from Stress-Free Sailing and Stress-Free Motorboating into a spiral-bound, easy-to-use guide called Stress-Free Mooring For Sail and Power

The guide includes illustrated, step-by-step advice for getting on and off docks, jetties and harbor walls in all wind and tide conditions. It also describes techniques for anchoring, picking up moorings, rafting up and tying off. 

Available in paperback or for Kindle on Amazon.