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Elling E4 Rolled in Capsize Test With the 'Bos' Inside (Video)


Neptune Marine Shipbuilding on Saturday conducted a 360-degree rollover capsize test on a standard factory fitted out Elling E4, while Yard Director Anton van den Bos was inside strapped to the helm seat.

Neptune Marine shipbuilding is the designer and builder of the luxury CE category “A” Elling Motor Yachts.

Elling Motor vessels is one of the very few luxury motor yachts that carries the CE Category A rating, which has already been proven its blue water pedigree in 2008, when three Elling E4’s successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a 16 day, 2600 nautical mile nonstop journey. PassageMaker will profile the E4 in our July "Bluewater" edition.

Watch van den Bos' tie.

Neptune Marine wanted to demonstrate that Elling motor yachts really do “what it says on the label," van den Bos says. "Elling truly provides the safety that many of our competitors aspire to"

The test was carried out in front of an international public of more than 500 people.

After the boat righted itself, van den Bos started the 425 hp Cummins Diesel engine and took her for a spin.

The Elling E4 has not had any special adaptions in order to conduct this test.

It was a completely standard factory fitted vessel which has been built for a Scandinavian customer, and fitted all standard options and equipment, such as sliding roof Navigation equipment, 7 kW generator, central heating, washing machine, dishwasher, electric toilets, TV and all furniture in place.

The only parts that were removed are some loose fitting floor hatches.

 Anton van den Bos emerges from the E4 triumphant.

Anton van den Bos emerges from the E4 triumphant.