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Experience A USCG Ice Rescue In The First Person (Photo Essay)

Though not an actual emergency, the Coast Guard is always saving our hides. Catch this cool POV photo essay and experience an ice rescue from the warmth of your computer screen.
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As temperatures finally begin to rise across the U.S., breathing life back into our waterways, the Coast Guard is warning the public about the dangers of the big thaw.

Warmer temperatures don't necessarily bring less ice coverage initially, which can give a false sense of safety to those brave enough to venture onto our frozen lakes and rivers. The real villain is the depleting thickness and strength of the ice that is not visually evident from the surface.

As temperatures rise across the nation, the Coast Guard is advising the public to remain away from frozen waterways and ice caves.

In a series of photos captured by USCG Petty Officer 1st Class Dustin McClelland, witness firsthand some of the ways that the Coast Guard is preparing to save us from the big chill.

Oh, and be careful out there.

Coast Guard Ice Rescue Drill, March 12, 2015

A crewmember from Coast Guard Station Grand Haven, Michigan, prepares to use a MARSARS board to retrieve another team member playing the “victim” who has fallen through the ice and into the Grand River, during an ice rescue drill, as seen through the eyes of a responder.

Ice rescue training at Coast Guard Station Grand Haven

The “victim,” after being place on the MARSARS board by rescuers is them pulled to safety.

Ice rescue training at Coast Guard Station Grand Haven

This 'victim' uses an inflatable rescue craft deployed by the rescue team to hoist himself out of the freezing waters of the Grand River without putting his saviors at risk.

Ice rescue from the eyes of the 'victim'

From the eyes of the rescuer as the 'victim' performs a self-extraction with the aid of an inflatable passed to him by responders.

Ice rescue from the eyes of the 'victim'

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