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Fierce Storm Hits Catalina, Killing Two (Video)

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A Harbor Patrol officer and another person were killed Tuesday night when a fierce storm hit Catalina Island. High winds caused several boats to break loose and come ashore.

Some vessels collided with the beach, while others struck the sea wall, destroying them and leaving piles of debris everywhere.

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Witnesses say the officer was trying to save the King Neptune dive boat when the officer was swept off the boat. A crowd of 30 to 40 people saw the incident from shore and tried to save Mitchell, but they were unable to.

Around the same time and in the same general area, authorities found a houseboat owner, identified later by coroner's officials as 53-year-old man, floating in the water. Ryder later died at a hospital.

 King Neptune at her mooring in the harbor.

King Neptune at her mooring in the harbor.