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Get Your Best Cruising Photos Printed In The Pages Of PassageMaker

Calling all photo-boaters! This year’s November/December issue features the debut of a new section in the front of the magazine, VIEWFINDER, and we need your help.
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This year’s November/December issue features the debut of a new section in the front of the magazine.

Whether you are an inland explorer or a seasoned long-range cruiser, boaters of all shapes and ranges are privy to some of the unique people and places anywhere on earth. There are many among us that lug pounds of cameras and gear all in the hope of capturing more than the stories we bring back, it is the lifeblood of the wanderlust that fuels each of us.

Now, it’s your turn. We want to see the shots you’ve got from that weekend aboard and that summer you never saw land. People, places, favorite marinas, paintings, photos, and drawings; anything you think captures the magic of why you leave the docks.

Here is what we want from you:

  • High res, (think large enough for full page printing) jpg or tiff files.
  • A short paragraph describing the scene in the image.
  • Your name.
  • Sent via email to We can provide FTP information if you prefer

Need some inspiration? Scroll below the break to see this month's inaugural edition.

 Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

In November/December 2015, Associate Editor Mark Fusco writes:

Ah, Newport. Despite the mansions that line this Rhode Island waterfront, Newport is a seatown, and a salty one at that. Next time you’re around, take a stroll past the high-end marinas and you’ll find piers with workboats tied-to three boats deep bustling with men and women in fluorescent, waterproof overalls. Take a walk through the lobster pots stacked high enough to create a corn maze and you can catch a glimpse of how a first-rate seaport functions—you won’t be let down.

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