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Canary Islands bound dry dock adrift in Atlantic causing a hazard to navigation.
A photo of the wing wall tank.

A photo of the wing wall tank.

Today, GCaptain reported on a fresh hazard to navigation that is being tracked south of Bermuda. If you operate in the Atlantic keep your eye out for this behemoth as it bobs around the ocean. It is being unofficially tracked and you can see the current map below. Here is the story from GCaptain:

A group of Bermuda government officials and concerned yachting professionals are warning about recent sightings of at least two large sections of an unlit dry dock reportedly floating off Bermuda.

The sections are believed to belong to a drydock formerly belonging to the former Avondale Shipyard.

The drydock left the Mississippi River yard in September under tow to the Canary Islands, but people tracking the voyage says (sic) that evidence suggests that tow failed, perhaps during Hurricane Irma. Only about half of the drydock arrived in the Canary Islands under tow by the tug De Zhou, which remains at anchor in the Canary Islands.

The group is now unofficially tracking sightings of the sections so it can warn ships and mariners of the hazard to navigation.

According to GCaptain, the group recorded three separate sightings in May, with the most recently on May 26.

To read more of this story head on over to GCaptain.

The unofficially tracked sightings.

The unofficially tracked sightings.