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Written on the Kadey Krogen website by Larry Polster on May 16th, 2017.

Anticipation. According to, the definition of anticipation is “the act of looking forward; especially: pleasurable expectation”. There is no question that I looked forward to receiving the latest set of photos with great anticipation, and Tom and Asia Harbor Yacht Builders did not disappoint me. It is just over one year since tooling began, and the first Krogen 50’ Open is beginning to look like what we anticipated, and then some!


While the Krogen 50’ Open has a different interior layout than other Kadey-Krogen models, the profile and hull form remains unmistakably Kadey-Krogen. You can see that we incorporated the larger portlights amidship like on the Krogen 52′ and Krogen 58′ EB. The two large portlights in this photo are located in the master head, with the forward portlight being in the shower and the aft portlight adjacent to the sinks. The tape marks where the blue boot stripe will be, and just below the tape you can see that the bow thruster and stabilizers have been installed.


The Krogen 50′ Open still features the classic, fine entry of a Krogen, which results in greater efficiency and a more comfortable ride in head seas than other, more blunt, hull forms. This photo also has a view of the bow thruster.


And, the Krogen 50′ Open also has our classic Krogen wine-glass stern, which also aids efficiency, truer tracking, and a more comfortable ride in following seas than boats with flatter aft sections. What appears to be a large hole in the bottom of the boat, is actually the tube for the stern thruster. The little hole in the rudder will allow removal of the shaft without the need to remove the rudder and stainless shoe that connects to the keel.


The comfort of the Krogen 50′ Open interior continue topsides. In the photo above, notice the two wide doors through the Portuguese bridge leading to the foredeck. Between the doors will be comfortable seating with storage underneath. The bench is six feet from side to side, making it a cozy space for a nap!


Looking forward from inside the Portuguese bridge, you can see the openings for the two hatches that are above the guest stateroom, the opening for the watertight anchor locker hatch, and the raised anchor pulpit with drip gutters and drains to keep mud and water off the foredeck when raising the anchor. Also visible are the high bullwarks that help make this foredeck a safe place for people and pets.


If you have been on our website to look at the Krogen 50′ Open, you will have seen this rendering of the interior that looks forward from the cockpit. When Tom was at the yard last week, he was able to take a picture (below) from approximately the same perspective as the rendering. Since the salon sole is not yet in place, I colored-in the image to give the presence of a floor. While his camera did not have a wide angle lens, you can certainly see how the space is taking shape. Janet and I are thrilled.


Beneath my artificially painted floor, is the engine room. Last week, the main engine was being installed!


The photo to the left gives an idea of the size of the engine room. The motor is suspended at least a foot above the motor mounts and is well within the confines of the space. The floor-to-ceiling measurement where the gentleman is kneeling is nearly 6′ 6″!

The master shower is huge. From the shower door to the aft wall is 4′ 6″, and the seat is 14 inches wide. To really put this in perspective, this space has 50 percent more volume than a typical corner shower in a home.


Another space where a visible comparison between rendering and the actual boat is taking shape, is the master stateroom. The closet is at the very left of the rendering, and the head is to the right of the TV. The door with the round window is the door to the engine room.


In this actual construction photo, you can see the cutout for both the closet and the master head. At the extreme right side of the photo, is the entrance to the engine room.


So, what do you think? Do you share my excitement? Are you ready to start your build? No matter the Kadey-Krogen, the experience and excitement are the same.

Next month, look for more photographic comparisons. Until then, fair winds and following seas.


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