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Latest On The Water Guides For The ICW Are Ready

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The cruising dream team of Diana and Mark Doyle are releasing an updated version of their popular On The Water cruising and anchorage guide for the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), covering the areas between Norfolk, VA to Miami, Florida.

Originally published in 2005, the mile-by-mile ICW guide was the Doyles’ first of eight publications and was updated biannually via email newsletter. After three years of subsequent research and six trips along the ICW, the CruiseGuide for the Intracoastal Waterway has been redesigned and reborn.

The Doyles, who are PassageMaker contributing writers, describe themselves as, “the last of the idiots still burning diesel.” Referring not to their outdated equipment (which is state of the art), but in instead to being some of the few cruisers that systematically stop at every last anchorage and cove along ICW, ensuring no nook, cranny, or marina is left undiscovered.

Rather than follow the blueprint of other crowd sourced guidebooks where boaters send in anecdotal information; the Doyles personally survey, depth record, and shoot geo-tagged photos of every anchorage, marina, and trouble spot along the ICW.

“It’s first hand, on the scenes reporting from two licensed professional captains,” Mark Doyle said via email about what makes

Diana and Mark Doyle aboard their power cat.

Diana and Mark Doyle aboard their power cat.

their guide different from others. “We write the guides from the water, after surveying, not from a desk in Shangri La. [The books are written] as if we need them ourselves, for the first time transitioning the ICW.”

Geared towards guidance, On The Water books omit fluffier things such as restaurant reviews and reports about on shore life, making it the perfect companion to most marine directories.

The CruiseGuide not only covers marinas and anchorages, but the Doyles include mile-by-mile coverage of all things navigational including: restricted bridges, long stretches without anchorages, shoaling trouble spots, tricky turn-offs, and even pet shore access.

Until Sunday at midnight, the guide can be purchased on the Doyles’ website,, for a special preorder price of $19.95. During that time, their two ICW AnchorGuides can also be bundled with the CruiseGuide for $59.85 ($19.95/book). First copies are expected to ship in two weeks.