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Day One of the Miami boat shows did not disappoint, and our editors were on the scene scouring both shows for everything new and cool. Miami, being a unique city that never sleeps, offered a wealth of new products, boats and experiences ‘round the clock for the cruising public. Here are some of the bar-raising finds our editors encountered at the shows today…with more to come tomorrow.

JL Audio Introduces New M6 High-Performance Marine Loudspeakers

M6 high-preformance Marine Loudspeakers

M6 high-preformance Marine Loudspeakers

JL Audio unveiled its new M6 series of premium marine loudspeakers at an exclusive VIP party held on Key Biscayne. Available immediately, the M6 line features a variety of full-range speakers, subwoofers and tower speakers that offer a compelling combination of style, performance and durability.

"With M6, we have pulled out all the stops to deliver our best-sounding, best-looking marine loudspeakers ever," said Andy Oxenhorn, president of JL Audio. "Years of research and development have led us to this launch event, and we know that our customers will be excited to experience the incredible performance and design of M6."

JL celebrated their launch in Miami with some fire dancers to show how hot their new product was.

JL celebrated their launch in Miami with some fire dancers to show how hot their new product was.

M6 is acoustically engineered to reproduce powerful, low-distortion bass and evenly disperse smooth sound in an open-air boat environment. JL Audio's stringently tested, marine-grade materials withstand intense UV and saltwater exposure, combining with advanced design and manufacturing to deliver outstanding reliability. Great new styling and JL Audio's patent-pending Transflective LED illumination complete the package to establish a new benchmark for marine loudspeakers.

Aquila Power Catamarans Unveils New Aquila 30

Aquila 30

Aquila 30

Aquila Power Catamarans debuted the latest model in its lineup, the Aquila 30. Boasting catamaran stability and a wide beam, the Aquila 30 combines popular sport boat features offering plenty of space, perfect for a day out with friends and family, and a comfortable cabin with head for an overnight stay for a couple. Like the Aquila 36, this new model is powered by Mercury outboards. Unique to the Aquila 30 is the innovative, and large powered aft platform that wraps around the outboards. “The wrap around aft platform on the new 30 is one exciting example of the innovation that is to come from Aquila,” said Lex Raas, president of Aquila at MarineMax.

Aquila Launches Hydro-Glide Foil Technology Option


Also at the Miami boat show, Aquila Power Catamarans unveiled their new Aquila Hydro-Glide Foil System as an option available on their popular Aquila 36. “These new foils are astounding in their ability to enhance the performance, consumption and handling of the Aquila 36. The efficiency gains have shown to average over 30 percent. This new technology is just one example of the innovation that Aquila brings to the waters,” stated Lex Raas, president of Aquila at MarineMax.


Foils are typically attached to the hull of a boat to provide additional lift while planing. This can provide an array of benefits including fuel efficiency, better handling and faster speeds. Over the past several years, foiling technology has made vast improvements overcoming some of the typical challenges. The Aquila 36 is one of the very few recreational power boats available with foils, making this model extremely unique.

 Cummins Launches New Ignition-Protected Marine Generator

Cummins unveiled its new ignition-protected 7.5kW Onan marine generator. The MDKBJ Onan marine generator meets U.S. Coast Guard 33 CFR183 requirements and is certified to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 3 emission standards. “There is an increasing need for auxiliary power on small to mid-sized recreational boats and our new 7.5kW Onan ignition-protected genset provides safe, reliable power whether you are out for a cruise with your family or spending the day fishing offshore,” said Scott Malindzak, global marine segment director for Cummins. The new genset is designed to supply auxiliary power to a vessel with gasoline propulsion engines. Utilizing an advanced design and development processes, Onan marine generators use sound shields and an optimized mounting system which lowers sound and vibration.

The Back Cove 34O is the first boat to pair the MDKBJ with an outboard propulsion system.

“Like other Back Cove models, the 34O's systems are built to be robust, capable and reliable. The 34O needed a power generation system appropriate for serious cruising, but which also included the ignition protection features required for safety and peace of mind aboard a gasoline outboard-powered boat,” explained Kevin Burns, VP design and product development for Back Cove. “Cummins Onan has for many years been Back Cove's supplier of choice for quiet and reliable onboard power generation, and the new Ingress Protected (IP) rated generators ensure we will be able to continue to offer Onan systems to our owners on our new outboard cruising models like the 34O.”

Indmar Integrates Ford EcoBoost Technology Into a Marine Engine

Indmar announced the first-ever Ecoboost marine engine during a press conference held today at the Miami International Boat Show. A beast took the stage as the newest addition to the suite of Indmar Marine Engines, the 2.3L EcoBoost. The bold, uncompromising nature of the 2.3L EcoBoost was evident at first sight, even next to its head turning big brother, the ROUSHCharged Raptor 575. 

Ford Motor Company first introduced EcoBoost technology in 2011. Today, it can be found in various configurations across the Ford and Lincoln product line. The 2.3L application specifically powers SUV’s like the Lincoln MKC and Ford Explorer along with performance cars like the Mustang and Focus RS and off-road vehicles like the Ford Ranger and soon-to-be-released new Ford Bronco. 

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Indmar’s engineering team selected the 2.3L EcoBoost motor that is heavily fortified to produce more reliable horsepower in the high performance Mustang application. A state-of-the-art production engine that stands to be the strongest and most robust turbocharged inline-four yet. The EcoBoost by Indmar is a gasoline turbocharged direct injection (GTDI) engine that incorporates three fuel-saving and performance-enhancing technologies into one engine design: forced air induction via turbo charging, power maximizing direct fuel injection and variable cam timing. 

Not only is the 2.3L loaded with innovative technologies, the lightweight compact package delivers a big punch, touting 350 lb/ft of torque and 310 horsepower. It’s also an overachiever that produces power ratings equal to or greater than its competitors that come in larger packages. It is the only turbocharged marine engine in its segment and the most powerful inboard marine engine per liter, packing 135-horsepower per liter.

Outboard Engines Surge on Strength of Constant Innovation


The growth in recreational boating over the past several years has been achieved in large part due to corresponding advances in outboard power. It’s impossible to walk through any consumer boat show these days and not be struck by the overwhelming prevalence of outboard engines. From lightweight portables to behemoth V8s, outboard engines continue to dominate sales figures not just here in Miami, but all around the world. We’re noticing outboards popping up on the unlikeliest of subjects, from the Back Cove 34O (which you can expect read about in the upcoming April issue of PassageMaker) to the recently announced MJM 53z, which you can read more about below…

New MJM 53z Flagship Readies to Launch in 2019

The exciting new quad-powered 53-foot yacht with Mercury Verados (due this summer) is expected to reach speeds of 50 mph while offering the benefits boaters enjoy from smaller sport boats: shallow draft, easy maintenance and easy handling around the docks.


“Now in the 53z boaters can also enjoy the enhanced living space, all weather cruising and a smoother ride offshore that we all like in a bigger boat,” said Bob Johnstone.

The Johnstones’ MJM Yachts is just the right company to deliver on the promise of performance with comfort. The Doug Zurn-designed hull has a slippery 3.5-to-1 waterline length-to-beam ratio for great stability at higher speeds. The new model’s predecessor, the MJM 50z, powered with triple IPS 600s, has a top speed of 40 knots, considerably quicker than its Down-East competition. MJMs are built by Boston BoatWorks, a leader in advanced epoxy composite construction. The weight savings resulting from this unique design/build are reinvested by MJM to create a fast outboard-powered cruising yacht over 50 feet which, to date, has only been achieved by smaller boats or open center consoles .

Living spaces are generous and well appointed. Belowdecks, MJM for the first time offers as standard, a spacious two-cabin dual master suite layout with ensuite heads having large glass wall showers with seats. On the flush bridge deck is a feeling of openness with large, lushly cushioned settees and moveable chairs that welcome family and friends aboard. Sliding safety glass side windows and powered windshields open fully to the fresh air, or when closed, allow for a fully climate-controlled environment.

The boat’s shape, speed and power give it tremendous stability and sports-car response to the wheel. And, for those who demand a peerless ride, the 53z’s optional Seakeeper gyro stabilizer dampens 93 percent of any roll, even at the dock.

Like its predecessor model, the MJM 50z, the 53z is expected to carry ISO Category A Ocean Certification.

Boaters coming from the easy operating world of center consoles will appreciate 53z’s Skyhook feature. Engage Skyhook to hold the vessel in place while you take your time with fenders and lines. Moving into your slip, Joystick Piloting makes landings a breeze, even singlehanded. The flush deck and side-boarding doors let you move easily from helm to cockpit and out onto the dock in seconds. Once there, it’s a 10-minute hose-off and go. The MJM 53z quality exterior finishes and deck hardware keep maintenance to the barest minimum.

Johnstone sums it up: “With the twin MJM 35z and triple MJM 43z introduced last year, and particularly now with this new quad MJM 53z, the term outboard cruising yachts has become a reality. MJM offers yachts that are at the pinnacle of the outboard world. If you are nostalgic for the days when outboards were for fishing boats, we’ll even install some rod holders and a live well."