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Man Fleeing 'Ninja' Steals Bayliner, Goes on Ramming Spree in Seattle (VIDEO)

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A half-dressed Texas man claiming to be a CIA operative fleeing from an “Asian female ninja” sits in a Seattle jail charged with stealing a 42-foot Bayliner and using it to batter a yacht club moorage.

Prosecutors allege that Michael Allan Bray was high on alcohol, ecstasy, marijuana and psilocybin late on a recent night when he broke into the Bayliner named Par-a-gon moored at the Queen City Yacht Club on Seattle’s Portage Bay. He found the keys, started the engines and began slamming the boat into other craft and the structure of the covered marina causing more than $500,000 in damage, according to charging papers.

The Bayliner, owned by Bob Myers, vice commodore of the club, was totaled, as was a second yacht. Sixteen other boats were damaged as the careening boat ricocheted through the marina. A major structural member was broken and a section of the roof collapsed. Myers told the Seattle press he thought the financial cost might reach $750,000.

A man who lived aboard a boat at the club ended the rampage by firing a shotgun loaded with birdshot into the Bayliner and wounding Bray in the hands and face. The yacht came to a stop and police officers found Bray pantless sitting at the stern of the Bayliner, blood trickling down his face.

Charging documents say Bray told officers he was a CIA agent who was being pursued by an “Asian female ninja” from a Steven Seagal movie who had been trying to kill him all day. He said he had broken into the yacht to get away from the ninja, but that she also came aboard. He said he tried to knock her off the boat by crashing into other craft, police reported.

“Bray appeared very paranoid and was in hysterics,” police said. Investigators added that he “continued to rant and thrash about.” He was taken to a hospital for treatment and then hauled off to jail.