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Happy Ending To That Infamous Collision (Videos)

Or as Gig Harbor Marina Says, 'We Can Fix Anything...Even When a Ferry Hits You'

Don't know how we missed it but the infamous Washington State ferry collision with a boat called Nap Tyme (above) has a happy ending. She was repaired and  returned to the water at Gig Harbor Marina in April. Here is the video with her happy owner followed by the original collision video, which had a half million views on YouTube. We also link to our article on right-of-way inspired by this accident.

According to Gig Harbor Marina, the skipper, who has live aboard his boat for 18 years, was just glad to have things back to normal. His name is Clarke Swanson, and he is no relation to the author (though he does appear to have a cocker spaniel just like ours).

“I’m going to be glad to get back on my own boat and back to my own slip," Swanson said.

The Happy Ending

The Unhappy Event

Read Brian Lind's take on the accident from PassageMaker magazine.

Gig Harbor Marina's coverage of the repairs was pretty good too.