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New Marina Coming To Washington, D.C., In The Spring

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Bellingham Marine and coastal infrastructure adviser Moffatt & Nichol were contracted by Forest City Washington, a mixed-use developer in the Mid-Atlantic area, to build a new marina in Washington, D.C.

The marina, which Bellingham is building at The Yards, is scheduled to open next spring. Bellingham said the marina will provide boaters with a facility that promotes universal access and the industry’s best in user experience.

The facility will include 50 slips ranging in length from 40 to 125 feet LOA. Half of them will be designated for short-term stays of fewer than 10 days and the other half will be for longer-term stays. Utility hookups will be available.

The facilty also will include a water taxi dock; a paddler dock for people looking for a place to put kayaks or paddleboards in the water; and an educational dock, where instructional boating classes and other learning events will be held.

“The development of the marina will put The Yards more in touch with one of its best assets — the river,” Forest City Washington president Deborah Ratner Salzberg said in a statement. “We’re eagerly looking forward to adding the boating community to the wonderful mix of residents, tenants and visitors at The Yards.”

A concept drawing of the new marina.

A concept drawing of the new marina.