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First Nordhavn 41 Launched

Pending sea trials, the N41 Hull No. 1 will be delivered to her owner in the Northeast US.
Nordhavn 41, Hull No. 1

Nordhavn 41, Hull No. 1

Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. (PAE) has announced the launch of the first Nordhavn 41. Hull No. 1 splashed in the Aegean Sea mid-June and is set commence with sea trials. She will undergo other testing before being prepared to ship to her owner in the northeastern US in mid-July. 

According to PAE, 14 the of the first 20 hulls have been reserved—sight unseen—suggesting the new design’s broad appeal. Additionally, the new model has drawn international interest among buyers, including America, Turkey, Denmark, South Africa and Australia. Two of the first five hulls completed will cruise out of Turkey, taking advantage of Nordhavn’s offer to allow buyers to spend time cruising in the Mediterranean before shipping the boat to their home port, with Nordhavn handling shipping logistics.

“We are very pleased with the way the boat has turned out,” said Drew Leishman, project manager of the N41. ”The team at the factory did an amazing job. They scrutinized every detail.” Upon the boat’s arrival to the east coast, Leishman, along with Nordhavn's vice president, Jim Leishman, and Chief of Design Jeff Leishman, will fly from California to inspect the new model personally.

The Nordhavn 41 is the smallest boat in Nordhavn’s ocean-crossing lineup. She has a range of over 3,000 nm and an anticipated cruise speed of around 7 knots. She succeeds the Nordhavn 40, Nordhavn’s previous smallest couple’s passagemaker, of which 69 hulls were built. The Nordhavn 40 previously set a world record for fastest circumnavigation made by a production power boat. 

“We’re confident that the N41 will enjoy the same if not greater success than the 40,” said Leishman.