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Here is a report from James Ellingford of Pendana, also a Nordhavn 62, who took the photographs.

  Some very sad news recently with the loss of MV Adventure in the Philippines. I have just spoken with her owner who said, “I'm still a little "shell-shocked" over the news. I'm currently touring around with my wife in our motor home in USA. We are on the way from Florida to Yellowstone when I heard the news. My boat is in Cebu, Philippines. We've had it based there for the past 5 years using it to cruise around Asia”. So sad I can’t imagine what that would be like being so far from your boat when a tragic event like this occurred. Adventure’s owner went onto say, “We were planning to embark on a cruise to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef in a few months. Since I'm 12,000 miles away, I don't have much more information at this stage.” He did mention that there were no casualties which is I guess something to be thankful for in all of this...  

 Finally, the owner of Adventure has promised to keep in touch and let me know if they ever find out what exactly happened and if there is more news, I will report it accordingly. Sadly, like most of these incidents, it is very unlikely we will ever know what actually occurred.  

The unfortunate owner is Ronald Canada.

Adventure is the third 62 to be destroyed by accident. Grey Pearl was also destroyed by fire. The Charlotte B was a total loss after running aground on Mexico's Baja peninsula due to human error. A video of the latter's wrecked hull follows the gallery.

There were 39 62s built, 36 continue to ply the world's oceans and waterways.