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Popular Cruising-Guide Authors Hang Up The Boat Shoes

ICW Gurus and beloved authors of On The Water ChartGuides, Mark and Diana Doyle, are stepping away from boating and into land-based adventure.
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Mark and Diana Doyle, the owners and operators of On The Water ChartGuides have decided to take a step back from their decades-long stint of cruising the ICW to pursue other adventures, according to a press release on their website's homepage.

According to the release, which began with the quote, "If words can describe where you are … keep going," the power-cruising couple are not only retiring from guide-authoring, but are taking their adventures to solid ground.

"In Cuba this winter we talked daily about building a plan for our next ten years," write the Doyles. "We’ve bought another RV, we’re prepping some long hikes, and looking forward to lots of international travel!"


Despite the enduring popularity of their books, the decision was made to sell off the rest of their stock and close up shop.

"Our books, and our reputation, were built upon really-really being there. We were current, accurate, and detailed. And that will no longer be possible. So rather than milk the cash cow and sell stale info, or worse yet, become yet another of today’s armchair-cruising Google-researching guide publishers, we’re shutting down our Apple iBook Store and selling off the remaining print inventory from our website," write the Doyles.

The remaining stock can be found on the Doyles' website, here.

Semi Local, a 34-foot PDQ power cat which served as Mark and Diana's home/office afloat has been listed for sale.

"We’re ready for that new plan," the Doyles said in closing. "It’s called, 'Other People’s Guides.'"