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Reality TV Aims at Unconventional Cruisers

Rudy and Jill Briney Bug Stern

An unusual appeal has been made by a reality TV show producer developing a show called “Life on the Hook,” and we have nominated our low-tech contributors Rudy and Jill Sechez for consideration.

Bryan Severance, who already produces the show “Down East Dickering,” writes:

“I am working for a large cable network and developing a show, which would follow sea-steaders and boatmen alike
who live self-sufficient lives at sea for extended periods of time. Think ‘Life Below Zero’ or ‘Mountain Men,’ but on a boat.

“So if catching rainwater and filtering it, fishing and growing vegetables on your boat, using composting toilets is your thing—I would love to speak with you and hear more! If this isn’t you, but you know who would be perfect, please send them to me as well.”

Severance’s email address is

Rudy and Jill Sechez spent four years building their “sail assisted trawler,” Briney Bug, from ordinary construction lumber. Like renowned sailors Lynn and Larry Pardey, their approach to cruising is minimalist, and although they do have a handheld GPS and autopilot, the couple has eschewed the use VHF radio, causing great controversy in online cruising circles. Click here to read more about Rudy and Jill.