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Reports: Mechanical Failure On Drawbridge Caused Yacht Collision (VIDEO)

The bridge remains open to vehicular traffic and small marine craft. Larger boats will have to navigate around as only half the drawbridge can open at this time.
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Rockstar, a $20-million-plus megayacht, collided with a falling Miami drawbridge last Monday while being tugged up the ICW.

The bridge, which connect the Miami-Dade mainland with the Beach suffered a mechanical failure that allowed one of the sections of the draw to slam back into the shut position. Authorities also report that the bridge operator on duty could be the unsung hero of the day.

“The bridge just didn’t get to it’s locked position,” said Bay Harbor Islands City Manager Ronald Wasson. “Our bridge operator has been doing that for 20 years and has an impeccable record. He did a great job of not letting it go into a free fall.”

Had the operator not been desperately applying the failed brakes in an effort to slow the closing section, the bridge very well could have cut Rockstar in half the long way.

The 60-year-old bridge remains open to vehicular traffic as well as some marine traffic, though only smaller boat can pass as only half the bridge it operational at this time.

Authorities indicate the bridge was set to undergo multi-million-dollar maintenance beginning next month before the collapse occurred.