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Siren 3 Pro Released

Siren Marine's next-gen connected boat system enhances vessel monitoring and control.
Siren 3 Pro system

Siren 3 Pro system

Siren Marine has released its next-generation connected-boat system, which seeks to enhance the boat ownership experience while providing the industry with data needed to improve products.

The Siren 3 Pro connects with the free Siren Marine app for vessel monitoring and control. The system has GPS tracking and worldwide LTE cellular connectivity, and works with a range of wireless and wired sensors.

The Siren 3 Pro also has built-in NMEA 2000 connectivity to enable digital switching via partnerships with companies such as CZone.

“Ten years of experience in the connected-boat realm has led to the culmination of this new device,” says Siren founder and CEO Daniel Harper. “In that time, we’ve gained invaluable knowledge from boaters and the industry. We believe the Siren 3 series has the potential to transform every boat into a smart boat.” 

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