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With Hurricane Irma past the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean, the destruction that has been left in her wake is coming into view. There are multiple reports that some islands have suffered infrastructure loss of over 90% including Barbuda, French St. Martin, and the British Virgin Islands. With extensive damage to infrastructure and housing the information coming out of these small Caribbean islands is disjointed and sporadic. Some islands of the British Virgin Islands have not established connection with outside communities. While only a handful of dead are currently being reported we can expect that number to rise in the coming days. And while news is slow to come from these areas some of our best views into the destruction are coming from social media as people on the ground are able to connect to cellular networks and stream video and upload pictures to Facebook and Twitter. Here are a few videos from the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma:

The view from Tortola close to the Moorings:

Another view from Tortola:

Warning this video contains some strong language as the woman filming is in disbelief at the destruction.

News Report of Devastation in Barbuda from PM Gaston Browne:

Hurricane Irma arriving in Barbuda:

Downed Power Lines in Puerto Rico:

Moorings Base in Road Town, Tortola:

As reported by Facebook user, Jon Bellemare, this was during the eye of Irma.

Moorings Base

Another view of Paraquita Bay in Tortola:

FB 2