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This statement from St. Brendan's Isle owners responds to "Liveaboard Voting Rights Threatened in Florida," published yesterday.

"Recently my partner Scott Loehr and I, Doug Moody, were notified that our clients would no longer be able to vote in Clay County, Florida, unless they previously lived in the county. This affects about 24 percent of our clients. 

 "We are monitoring the situation closely and have retained legal counsel to help protect the constitutional rights of our clients, if those rights become adversely affected. We want them to know, if they receive a questionnaire or correspondence from the supervisor of elections regarding their voter status, we are available to assist them. This has no impact on receiving or shipping their mail or any other services we provide to them.

"For our other 5,500 Clients who have chosen not to vote or vote in other locales, we want them to know that there will be no changes. They will continue to receive our convenient, dependable, and friendly services, tomorrow, next week, next year, and for decades to come. We will continue to receive and ship their mail, scan their new mail, submit their U.S. Coast Guard vessel documentation renewal papers and provide any other administrative services they require.

"As one of the largest mail forwarding services in the country, we are known for our outstanding service. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that today we are fighting for our clients' right to vote and tomorrow we will be there to help them live their dream."