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T-Mobile Looks To Fill AT&T’s 2G Void For GOST Systems

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GOST Phantom 45degres HR PRG

Staring down the barrel of AT&T’s impending 2G phase-out over the next eight months, boat owners whose yachts are equipped with GOST Phantom, Insight HD, and NT-Evolution 2.0 systems were left in an unsure spot. All three systems rely on AT&T’s global 2G network in order to send voice and text alerts to boat owners.

Much to the relief of owners, Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST) announced in mid-May that they have partnered with T-Mobile and will provide current and future owners a 2G module with all units and T-Mobile SIM Cards with all units shipped within the United States.

“Eighty percent of security transmission devices use 2G; thus we have to educate our customers about the future of this technology,” said Jay Keenan, president and CEO of GOST. “[Our Company] is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and the greatest level of service possible. This includes finding alternatives when there are technology changes and insuring those alternatives are easy to install, cost-effective, and potentially more functional than what is being replaced.”

To convert data plans, current owners can visit, select the AT&T replacement service, and a new T-Mobile SIM Card will be sent to them. The switch requires no annual contract for current GOST customers and the company reports that they have negotiated extremely low rates for the 2G (GSM/GPRS) replacement service, as well as for 4G LTE data service used by GOST Watch HD or Insight HD surveillance cameras for video streaming.

GOST anticipates 2G networks will remain a dominant GSM frequency band for many years to come, both globally and domestically. It is worth noting that the switch to T-Mobile is not entirely mandatory. Those that wish to remain with their current provider may contact AT&T to convert their 2G plan to the AT&T Wireless Home Phone Device.

The drawback is that users will only be able to receive voice calls from their Phantom Security system as the text alerts rely solely on the 2G network, and the system will only function on AT&T’s U.S. network.

“Our customers trust us to safeguard their property, and communication is the foundation of this trust,” Keenan said. “We want our clients to be confident with their security systems and we are committed to assisting them in avoiding any potential interruption of service before it happens.”—MF

For more information on GOST’s solutions to AT&T’s 2G shutdown, visit: