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The Boat Guy and Ranger Tugs Join Forces to Learn Fine Points of Cruising

Hydroplane racing legend Chip Hanauer will be the first to admit he doesn't know much about cruising despite being one of the fastest men on water. Lucky for him, Ranger Tugs has partnered up to help him master the art of destination boating.
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Chip Hanauer has skipped across water at an astonishing 200mph but when it comes to setting an anchor or plotting his way across a chart—he's a fish out of water.

After years of what Hanauer calls "home for dinner boating," the racing legend has vouched to learn the art of destination cruising in his home waters of the Pacific Northwest. With help from his partner, Ranger Tugs, Hanauer will document his rebirth form the fast lane to life as a cruiser in his popular light-hearted web-series, The Boat Guy.

"We live in boating paradise here in the Northwest," says Hanauer. "I want the satisfaction of getting myself there and back on my own and getting away from the hordes of people that now crowd our beautiful city. I want see and explore places you can only see in your own boat."

Hanauer and his partner Donna, hoped to find a boat was both affordable and easy to operate with our sacrificing looks or economy. The couple also hoped to find a cruiser that could be operated single-handedly with the ability to trailer from place to place is the occasion called for it.

In the below video, Hanauer excitedly takes delivery of The Boat Guy 1, a brand new Ranger Tugs 27.

"We love that Chip is a local icon much like our company, and are thrilled that he’s as excited about going 15mph in a boat as he was about going 200mph," said Jeff Messmer, vice president of sales and marketing at Ranger Tugs/Cutwater Boats. "Wherever Chip chooses to go, he will be prepared for any and all adventures, in a boat made in the Northwest, for Northwest conditions."

When not out exploring, its home will be at Elliott Bay Marina. Says Hanauer, "If you see us there, please come by and introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you, swap tall tales and show you the boat." For more videos from The Boat Guy check out the Lifestyles section at and visit