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If you are in the market for a boat, you might notice that they often get broken into fishing boats and non-fishing boats. Center consoles and sportfishers occupy one side of the market, while sailboats, cruisers, and trawlers occupy their own spaces. But spend some time on any well-loved and well-used boat and you'll be bound to find a fishing pole or two stowed in the cockpit lockers and settees. 

Fishing and boating go together. You don't have to be a big sportfisher or call yourself an angler to enjoy casting a line and hooking the occasional fish for fun or for the fryer. And while fishing can be fun, knowing what you are doing makes it a bit more enjoyable. 

Just this week Boaters University released their first course on the fundamentals of fishing with John Brownlee, host of Anglers Journal TV. "Anglers Boot Camp: Basics of Saltwater Fishing" is a course designed for the casual angler as well as the newbie. From bait selection to tips on casting, this course is designed to up your fishing game whether you are trawling for dinner or entertaining yourself while you are on the hook. 

Check it out now at: Use the coupon code PASSAGEMAKER for 15% off this Anglers Boot Camp course.