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The real question raised by the events below is not about the bananas superstition but the very real issue of whether to trust a rented mooring. Cindy and Shel are  living fulltime aboard their 1989 Tollycraft 34 C-Shel with Lulu the dog. Read the intro to this video below, then scroll down to watch the video, which is good enough to be considered a mini-documentary.

C-Shel is a 1989 Tollycraft Sport Sedan.

C-Shel is a 1989 Tollycraft Sport Sedan.

Come with us through the most stressful night we have every had on a boat. After being on top of the world in Hope Town Bahamas, we experience a boaters nightmare, with our boat crashing into other boats in a packed mooring field. Events in this video took place in January 2017. 

 We are a Canadian cruising couple, looking for a non mainstream life of living aboard and cruising in the Caribbean in Winter, and the Great Lakes in Summer. Working when we can to fill the cruising kitty. We have sold everything we own, and we now own a cruising boat. In this episode in the Bahamas for the Winter of 2016/2017. 

We have chosen to do this voyaging under power, instead of the popular sailing route. Our mission is to help inspire people to live their dreams earlier in life, instead of waiting until retirement. So often retirement dreams are dashed by health issues, or other unforeseen later life circumstances. If you have a dream, then dream, plan, and do it now. We hope to make you smile, and spark the yearning in your heart for fulfilling your dreams.