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Torqueedo Debut Skiff/Engine Package, Sweep Wye Island Race

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The German-based company, Torqueedo, has completed installation of their first 40-hp outboard engine aboard a Calypso Classic skiff. Torqueedo is a market leader in the fast growing industry of electric marine outboards.

The Calypso Classic Skiff with Torqueedo's Deep Blue propulsion unit.

The Calypso Classic Skiff with Torqueedo's Deep Blue propulsion unit.

Requiring only one battery, the 40-hp Deep Blue variation saves space and weight over its larger sibling, and is offered at a lower cost. The option of adding a second battery offers consumers the ability to increase the engine’s output to 80 hp with a simple software update.

Redesigned to feature a wider beam while retaining its attractive lines and seaworthiness.

At full throttle, the redesigned Calypso claims to reach a top speed of over 20 mph. Cruising is said to be in the neighborhood of 12 mph with a total run time of around an hour. Traveling at “no wake” speed can provide boaters with up to four hours of operation. Recharge from a 120v AC/30 amp shore power service can be achieved in four hours at a cost of about $1.50

List price for a Calypso Classic Skiff equipped with the 40-hp Deep Blue is set at $64,900.

As a testament to their engines, Torqueedo swept the 13th annual Wye Island Electric Boat Challenge in St. Michaels, Md., for the second time.

Captain Todd Sims and his 11-foot Swiss Cat captured first place in the single hull/advanced batteries category, while Ned Farinholt and his 19-foot purpose-built Speedster came in second. To round out the sweep, David Borton’s 25-foot Weston Farmer launch finished the 24-mile circumnavigation of Wye Island in third.

All five Torqueedo powered boats made it across the finish line.

A diagram of a typical Torqueedo battery bank and engine set up.

A diagram of a typical Torqueedo battery bank and engine set up.

Consumers wishing to purchase a Torqueedo for use on their own boat may do so in a range of engine and battery bank options. The company offers 14 outboard units ranging in power from 1 to 80 hp.

Commercial and recreational boaters looking to power more than dinghies or kayaks are covered in the Deep Blue product range.

The brunt of the cost comes up front; a basic, 40-hp Deep Blue engine set up tips the scales at just under $20,000 without a battery bank. However, the cost of owning a Torqueedo is minimal as units are entirely electronic, isolating users from petrol costs completely. Batteries are said to last a users through nine years of daily use while still retaining 80 percent capacity after that term.

The skiff and Deep Blue engines aim to offer what it proudly calls, “flat fee boating.”