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Capt. Tom Kehlenbach owner of SeaTow Central Connecticut provides live demonstrations with Orion Safety Products. We take the drone to the air to give an emergency aircraft's point of view. We compare the smoke device in parallel to the green dye from a "birds eye" perspective in Long Island Sound. We have the Old Saybrook Police department supporting the event as well. There are pistol launcher from 12-gauge to 25 mm , parachute flares, orange smoke floating flares , green dyes, and handheld flares. The Solas handheld flare is compared to a typical USCG compliant handheld flare. 

Weems & Plath sells a LED Visual Distress Signal Device that meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements to completely replace traditional pyrotechnic flares. Unlike traditional flares, this electronic flare never expires which solves the big and annoying challenge of flare disposal. Visible up to 10-plus nautical miles, it lights for up to 60 hours, unlike traditional flares which last minutes or less. (Requires 3 “C” batteries, not included.) With the included SOS flag, this combo fulfills all Coast guard requirements for marine distress signals.