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TripAdvisor Names Top 10 'Traveler's Choice' Islands (BLOG)

Need some Earth Day cruising inspiration? TripAdvisor has named the top 10 islands to visit, even if your boat is still drydocked, one can dream, right?
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Its Earth Day, a day to reflect on all things good and well... earthy. Few breeds of humans know our planet's natural beauties of our planet as well as cruising boaters do, many of which have seen places most of us will only experience in the pages of magazines such as this one.

Though not boating-centric (nobody is perfect), TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel website; helping people plan, book and execute everything from business trips to dream vacations at the click of a mouse. The site contains more than 200 million reviews and opinions covering more than 4.5 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions while operating in 45 countries worldwide.

The best islands in the worldis drawn from user reviews and other resources available on the site and just might provide the inspiration needed to venture beyond your normal harbors. It should be noted those who wish to cruise to these destinations should do research on anchoring and immigration requirements in the areas they intend to visit.

After Perusing TripAdvisor's list stop by our comments section and help us gather a list of favorite cruising destinations. No matter how for (or not far for that matter).

Without further adieu, the list:

#1 Island: Providenciales


#2 Island: Maui


#3 Island: Roatan


#4 Island: Santorini

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#5 Island: Ko Tao

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#6 Island: Madeira

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#7 Island: Bali

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#8 Island: Mauritius

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#9 Island: Bora Bora

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#10 Island:

Fernando de Noronha

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