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U.S. Maritime Administration Issues GPS Warning

Boaters are advised to use redundant systems after reports of lost or inaccurate GPS signals.
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The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration has issued a warning to mariners that there have been reports of significant GPS interference worldwide. They specifically cite bridge navigation, GPS-based timing and communication equipment as potentially unreliable. The reports are centralized in the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf, and several ports in China. A similar finding from 2017-2019 was also concentrated in the Med, specifically around Egypt.

Prior to shoving off, they recommend visiting the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center or the NATO Shipping Center websites for guidance on best practices for navigating during GPS interference.

If you experience disruption, you are encouraged to report it in real-time here or call 703-313-5900.

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Lydia Mullen reporting courtesy of our sister publication SAIL Magazine