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Capsize Rescue and What the Boat Looked Like Before Launch (Videos)


Here is the rescue of the factory crew trapped inside the yacht, taken by a local television station. Very scary.

Here is a video of the 90-foot Northern Marine taken shortly before her disastrous launch. She capsized Sunday after being lowered into the water.

Here's what the Skagit Valley Herald reported:

Wes Fridell, representative of New World Yacht Builders, d.b.a. Northern Marine, was there during the launch and said the yacht had only 120 gallons of diesel in the tank, a small amount for the first launch. It is built to hold about 11,000 gallons, he said.

He described watching the event unfold as “sickening” and something he’d never seen happen before.

“It just at one point lurched at its cradle. We don’t know exactly why at this point because the cradle had been inspected and is sound. And then we reinspected everything before we proceeded. … Once it floated in the water, it went over. So we do not know the cause at this point,” he said Monday.