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What's Your Favorite Dock and Dine?

Our sister publication, Soundings, wants to know where you take your crew when they're hungry

There are many great things to do by boat, and one of the best pastimes is enjoying a satisfying meal at a waterfront restaurant that you travel to by boat—arriving in style with rarely a parking issue.

So, what makes a great dock and dine? Some boat owners say it’s the view and the location; others want excellent food and service, while another group prefers a fun atmosphere with good music and a salty vibe.

What’s your preference? Soundings wants to know where you take your boat when the crew is hungry. For that reason, we’ve created the Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Dock-And-Dines. 


At this time, we’re looking for nominations. We hope you can take a few minutes to send us a short list of your favorite locations, which can be in your home waters or along shorelines you’ve explored while traveling out of state. We’ll accept nominations up until March 10, 2022. After the nominations are compiled, we’ll send a complete list of contenders to the Soundings audience for a final vote. The winners will be published in the July issue, just as the summer season is in full swing and we’re all looking for new places to tie up the boat and then dig into a great meal.

Thanks for taking the time to collaborate with Soundings on this Readers’ Survey. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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