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Two of our seminars are designed to let the audience drive the conversation. The "Admiral's Roundtable" and "Cruisers Perspectives: A Town Hall Meeting" each consist of a panel that takes questions from the audience. It can be quite lively.


A standing joke in the cruising community goes like this: He may be the captain, but she is the admiral, because if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Or something like that. Besides the obvious, that Alyse Caldwell, Becky Fickett, Alexandra Bruce & Kim Kalisik are all female, there is more to it. All have cruised but with distinctly different experiences. This seminar is for women who think they may want to go cruising or who have only recently entered into the cruising lifestyle and have a wide range of questions best answered by other women, and, alas, without any men in the room.

The panelists for "Cruisers Perspectives" are an accomplished lot: Bruce Kessler, Steve Zimmerman, Andrea Gaines, Eric Kunz, Chris Parker, John Clayman and Dylan Bailey. Moderated by Jeff Merrill, CPYB.

Bruce Kessler at the helm of Spirit of Zopilote, the first recreational powerboat to circumnavigate.

Bruce Kessler at the helm of Spirit of Zopilote, the first recreational powerboat to circumnavigate.

 In this “town hall” event, Our panel of veteran cruisers will field audience questions on a wide-range of topics, sea stories always resulting. Circumnavigator Bruce Kessler can discuss what it’s like to spend months and months treading blue water. Capt. Andrea Gaines has a lifetime of boating experience in which she has accumulated tens of thousands of nautical miles in fair and foul weather. Jeff Merrill, the moderator, is a yacht broker, author and trawler specialist with thousands of cruising miles with clients. Surveyor Dylan Bailey is a veteran cruiser who learned to build boats with his father. John Clayman is a prominent East Coast yacht broker, cruiser, racer and all around boat guy.  Steve Zimmerman can discuss repairs and boatyards from the point of view of both a cruiser and boatyard owner  


Every seminar except the diesel course and “Boat Handling on the Water” are part of our VIP package. Being a four- or six-day VIP gives you access their choice of attending any seminar (except the Diesel engine and on-the-water boat handling course). The cost is $399 for a four-day VIP pass and $499 for the six-day pass. Visit our ticketing site and do some math. You'll see how being a VIP maximizes your seminar buying power.

SEMINARS: Tuesday-Sunday, March 6–11, 2018

IN-WATER BOAT SHOW: Thursday-Sunday, March 8–11, 2018

LOCATION: Hutchinson Island Marriot Resort and Marina, 555 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996

QUESTIONS? Contact Jennifer at or (954) 761-7073.