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Gift Guide: Seakeeper 3DC battery powered stabilizer

Seakeeper 3 actual

Nothing ruins a nice day on the water more than spending hours heaving your lunch over the gunwale. So if you want to go big for that dyed-in-the-wool but seasick-prone boater in your life, it’s hard to go bigger—or better—than a shiny, new Seakeeper 3 battery-powered gyro stabilizer. Seakeeper has designed this gyrostabilizer to run solely on 12V DC, a first for Seakeeper (All other units required AC power through a generator or inverter). This gyrostabilizer is 25% smaller and 35% lighter than their similar models and is specifically designed for boats between 30 – 40 feet. The Seakeeper 3 features a specifically designed and intuitive touchscreen display as well as full NMEA compatibility. This unit might rock your bank account, but it will reduce roll 70-90%. Take it from us, it’s not hyperbole to say that gyro stabilization will change your life. Giant red ribbon not included in the price.  Available from Seakeeper for $27,000.