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TrawlerFest (Pssst, Sailors. You Should Come Too)


TrawlerFest (Pssst, Sailors. You Should Come Too)

27 ‘Propulsion Agnostic’ Seminars

Destinations, Safety at Sea, Weather, Repairs & Maintenance

Even though the event is called TrawlerFest, and it is brought to you by PassageMaker magazine, our seminar series, with the possible exception of the boat handling course, applies equally to sailors and power cruisers alike. Coastal navigation, weather lessons, cruising south to Baja, Mexico, or north to Alaska—we like to say that these topics are “propulsion agnostic.”

The sailor and trawler demographics are in fact nearly identical, with maybe a small difference in age. We used to joke that the typical power cruiser differed from a sailor by virtue of his first surgery and second wife. Estimates vary but up to three quarter of all power cruisers may have begun the cruising lifestyle with a sailboat. It’s amazing how many of them describe the transition with an ironic reference to having “crossed over to the dark side.”

And yet there is another important element to TrawlerFest—the trappings of an old fashioned rendezvous. During the boat show, evening events will bring together boatbuilders, vendors, seminar speakers, boat owners and boat owners-to be in an atmosphere of fun, fellowship and maybe even a few drinks. It’s for that reason that TrawlerFest has been described as a “Woodstock for the nautically inclined and/or high achievers.”

Join us May 17-21 for Seminars & May 19-21 for In-Water Show Portion of TrawlerFest in Anacortes, Washington, for the second TrawlerFest stop of 2016 as we head to the Pacific Northwest!

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