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Gift Guide: ACR AISLink Personal Man Overboard Beacon [NEW]


This is the newest in boater safety. A necessity for those who boat alone, with other unexperienced boaters, heck for everyone on the water. Attach the ARC AISLink Personal Man Overboard Beacon to your inflatable hydrostatic PFD. This isn’t hydrostatic but automatic via a mechanical switch. It straps around your PFD and activates when the vest inflates. Unlike a PLB it does not broadcast your GPS position to Search and Rescue Satellites. Instead it uses AIS with integrated DSC and GPS technology to immediately alert anyone with AIS of your location and your distress. Instead of waiting for the Coast Guard this alerts those your sharing the water with that you are in distress. At less than $300 there is no reason not to integrate this sort of safety into your boating plans. With its release this November availability will increase, currently available on Amazon for $285.