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Gift Guide: Yacht Protector – Vessel Monitoring, Cruiser Version [NEW]


Peace of mind is hard to put a price tag on, but Yacht Protector just made it pretty easy. It's important to note that Yacht Protector is brought to you buy the same folks that brought us the ever popular Yacht Controller. The Cruiser Version of this vessel monitoring system utilizes 4 sensors: Battery Monitor, Bilge Monitor, AC power, and Motion. It’s simplified plug and play set up means it’s the perfect system for those who are DIYers. It comes with a year of access to their yacht monitoring service which can be split into two 6-months service periods (covering two years) for those who only need seasonal monitoring. For less than $13,000 dollars we find this system to be one of the most affordable approaches to vessel monitoring. Available from Yacht Protector for $1295.