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Like everyone, cruisers love toys, especially ones that serve a useful function on and around the water. This year, shop a curated collection of giftworthy gear from Passagemaker's Winter Catalogue, each thoughtfully selected for the long-range voyager at heart.

YETI Hopper Backflip 24 Soft Cooler


It seems like overnight YETI has built an impermeable reputation for quality. From the zippers, stitching and lining reinforcement on fabric goods to the bomb-proof strength of roto-molded heavy-duty coolers, YETI’s reputation precedes itself. The new YETI Hopper Backflip 24 Soft Cooler fuses the durability of the Hopper Flip with a new, convenient-to-carry design. It's their first cooler engineered to carry as a backpack, using the best tech of both worlds. Built taller and wider than its Hopper Flip counterparts, Hopper BackFlip is designed to efficiently distribute the weight of your goods, while the ergonomic shoulder straps make the journey more comfortable. Even more, a removable chest strap and waist belt are included for added stability and security. And like the rest of the Hopper family, it promises superior cold-holding, a leakproof zipper, and a tough "DryHide" shell. So launch the dingy and head for your favorite side excursion—this backpack cooler won’t slow you down. ($299.99) Get it here.

Weego Power Pack


If you can make it through life without ever needing to jump a 12v lead-acid battery, then you should be awarded some sort of medal. For the rest of us, we have assorted ways to breathe life into a dead battery. Weego is a company we’ve featured before due to its unique combination of portability and versatility, and the Weego Power Pack is just the newest example of that philosophical dedication. A simple string of bright blue LED lights indicates the level of power within the 9” x 3” charging block. At the end of the orange brick, you’ll find a host of useful female inputs, including an auto-detecting USB port, a 12v/10A accessory port, a 19v/3.5A laptop port, and sockets for the jumper cables. But batteries never go out when it’s daylight, so Weego also included a pair of powerful 600 lumen lights on the end that can be useful in any number of emergencies. ($74.99 to $699.99) Get it here. 

Standard Horizon HX890 Handheld VHF/GPS 

HX890 Lifestyle

Standard Horizon’s HX890 floating, 6-watt Class H DSC VHF/GPS offers some prominent improvements over its predecessor. The HX890 includes two built-in scrambler systems—a 4 code CVS2500A and a 32 code FVP-42—for secure communications on the water. It also includes a built-in FM broadcast band receiver. Other notable features on this model include switchable daytime or nighttime modes, waypoint and route navigation, and a group monitor function utilizing DSC group position call. The new HX890 has also been redesigned with a new ergonomic case design in blue or black that has been rigorously tested to conform with the Military Standard (MIL-STD-810F). The HX890 comes packaged with many accessories including a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, an alkaline battery tray, a 110V wall charger, a 220V adapter, a charging cradle, a 12V charger, a PC programming cable and a belt clip with lanyard. ($199.99) Find your local dealer here. 

Mantus Anchor Swivel

Mantus Anchor Swivel

The debate over anchor swivels is over with the new Mantus Anchor Swivel. This sleek yet beefy anchor roller has been specifically designed to prevent side loading. The swivel is rated as stronger than the Grade 40 chain for which it is designed, and allows your anchor to rotate to prevent chain twist and orient correctly in your roller. The anchor pin has been slimmed and is drilled for safety wire, allowing for a low profile design from the shank to the chain, Get the benefits of an anchor swivel with the peace of mind that it's the strongest link in your rode. ($69 to $139) Get it here. 

Kamoto Portable Fire Pit

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 5.30.29 PM

The portable Kamoto Fire Pit from Primus can be used anywhere, with wood or charcoal, for ambiance, cooking or grilling. It packs flat for convenient storage and travel, and quickly unfolds. In addition to any campsite or rafting rig, this leave-no-trace, use-anywhere fire pit is ideal at the beach, your backyard, or even a parking lot tailgate party. The integrated ashtray/base protects the ground from heat or embers. A removable grill grate is ideal for open-fire cooking. The powder-coated frame is stable and robust for countless campfires. The stainless-steel windshields and the air inlet tray combine for efficient combustion. ($129.95) Get it here.

Eartec Wireless Headsets


Eartec UltraLITE intercoms provide instantaneous wireless communications for crews that need to communicate without pushing buttons. At the heart of these systems is a specialty base or “main” headset that relays the digital signals generated by up to four remote units. The resulting open line talking pattern allows up to five people to talk simultaneously so they can continue working with their hands. All UltraLITE headsets include Eartec’s Auto Mute Mic boom technology. These specialty microphone assemblies feature an internal switch that automatically mutes the headset mic gain when set to the UP position. ($385 per pair) Get it here. 

Wave WiFi Broadband Router


Wave WiFi builds hardware solutions that help boats stay online further from shore and connected to the fastest sources available. The Rogue PRO DB is a Dual Band (2.4 & 5 Ghz) WiFi transceiver. The MBR 550 is a marine broadband wireless router with a SIM activated cellular system. This combination lets boaters stay connected to WiFi when available and then use the universal SIM slot on the router to access cellular based internet while cruising. MSRP for the MBR is $1,495 and the PRO DB is $745. The combo package is $2,240. Find your local dealer here. 

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

LZ1B_Radius-Hero_LG_FINAL copy

Mosquitoes can trash a great alfresco cockpit dining moment. Smelly spray and citronella smoke can ruin the bouquet on your merlot. Hunters and fishermen learned a few years back that the folks at Thermacell were onto something different. Their little machines do repel the winged marauders and leave nary a trace of scent behind in the process. The second generation of Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent boasts longer run time, optimized repellency and one-button control. Powered by a lithium-ion battery rather than Thermacell fuel cartridges, Radius is air travel-friendly and fully operational at any elevation, including, of course, at water level. ($49.99) Get it here.

Weathertech CupFone

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 4.12.09 PM

Weathertech's CupFone is a mobile phone holder that sits conveniently in your boat’s cup-holder. Fully adjustable tilt and rotation allows you to easily see your favorite app at the dock or under way. The included CupFone Extension allows you to raise your phone up to 4 inches higher and tilt your phone forward or rearward 4 inches in any direction so it's easier to view and reach. Fits most cup holders. ($44.95) Get it here. 

Helly Hansen Saltro Jacket

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 10.55.24 AM

The new Helly Hansen Saltro Jacket is a lightweight outer layer with two-ply construction, a fleece-lined collar and SOLAS-approved reflector patches. The outer layer is made with Helly Tech, Helly Hansen’s trademarked membrane that keeps water from seeping in while still allowing sweat to evaporate out. It scores high on the company’s rating scale for windproofing, waterproofing, breathability, weight and durability. ($220) Get it here. 

Icom AIS: MA-510TR

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 11.06.41 AM

The new Icom MA-510TR marine transponder can receive both Class A and Class B transmitted AIS signals and includes a GPS antenna. AIS data can be out-put from a USB cable connector on the rear panel (via a third-party application and a connection cable). A new navigation function guides you to your specified AIS targets or waypoints (maximum 100 waypoints are selectable). The 4.3-inch IPS TFT color display provides a wide viewing angle and is readable even under direct sunlight. The Collision Alarm and Anchor Watch functions are always on duty. The Collision Alarm sounds an alarm when an AIS target is closer than the set CPA/TCPA values, and in the event that your vessel drifts while anchored, the Anchor Watch function will do the same. ($899.99) Find your local dealer here. 

YETI Rambler

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 10.42.24 AM

With an ever-expanding line of products including coolers, backpacks and dog bowls, YETI's drink cups remain perhaps the most iconic. Of their many offerings, perhaps the most common on the docks is the 30-ounce Rambler. The YETI Rambler has the capacity for a full day’s caffeination or hydration. Your morning brew stays hot, and your iced coffee will stay cold for hours, while the magnet on the included MagSlider lid adds an additional barrier of protection for keeping drinks contained and preventing heat or cold from escaping. ($34.99) Get it here.

Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamp


If you’ve wondered why your marina mate has a battery powered headlamp in his toolbox, just imagine hanging upside down into your bilge desperately in need of a second hand to complete a job. The Black Diamond Storm 400 features a robust waterproof/dustproof housing and 400 lumens of bright light. With a new, compact body, the Storm 400 is more ergonomic, and the updated user interface includes a secondary switch for easy mode selection. In addition, the updated optical efficiency not only provides brighter light, but also saves battery life that you can now easily track with a six-setting, three-LED battery meter. The Storm 400 also has three different colored night vision modes and peripheral white lighting. The lamp has a brightness memory feature, which allows you to turn the light on and off at a chosen brightness without reverting back to the default full power setting. ($49.95) Get it here. 

Pup Plank Dog Boarding Device

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 1.53.07 PM

If you’ve ever tried to muscle a big hound onto your boat from the water, you know you’d better at least have a massage therapist aboard. Unless, that is, you’ve discovered the 2020 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award-winning Pup Plank by Solstice Watersports. This simple, inflatable product lets your cruising companion power up and out of his dog paddle onto a skid-resistant deck and onto your swim platform or your dock. The Pup Plank comes in two sizes with pump and accessories. ($189.95 to $249.95) Get it here. 

Medical Sea Pak Hard Excursion First Aid Kit

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 2.39.46 PM

The Medical Sea Pak Hard Excursion First Aid Kit is meant for trips ranging from a weekend to a weeklong, with up to eight people aboard a where medical help may be 24 hours away or more. The kit contains five modules, and a waterproof manual color-coded and numbered to correspond to modules. The carrying bag has grommets for hanging storage. ($295) Get it here.

Otterbox PopSockets Phone Case

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 3.16.59 PM

If you’ve seen those jack-in-the-box pop-up disks on the back of your 14-year-old’s smartphone and wondered what the heck they’re for, be assured: They serve a couple of extremely practical purposes. The kids use them to help them hang onto the phone for selfies. But they can be a boon for adult boat owners as well. First, and most important; they offer a sure way to grip the phone between your fingers when you or your boat are pitching and rolling (while taking selfies or not). Second; they allow you to set the phone on its side when you’re curled up in your bunk streaming Netflix. Case-maker Otterbox has a product called the Otter + PopSymmertry Series case integrated with a PopSockets PopGrip. Not only does it protect your investment and add functionality on the boat, it looks like it was designed for adults. ($59.95) Get it here. 

Dockwa Digital Gift Card

Dockwa Gift Card

Rapidly expanding Dockwa connects boaters with marinas to search, explore, reserve and pay for reservations digitally. As the pandemic continues to re-prioritize work and life balance and the way we travel, quality time on the water with friends and family is more important than ever. Dockwa’s digital gift card eliminates the need to worry about shipping delays or having to guess things such as your giftee’s size or what gear they already have. Once redeemed to an account, the gift card can pay for dockage, food, drinks and more at any Dockwa destination. Get it here. 

Passagemaker Gift Subscription

October cover promo

Why not share the joys of the long-range cruising lifestyle with a friend or relative? Every issue of Passagemaker features compelling stories and in-depth technical articles, focused on power cruising for both weekend and long-distance cruisers. Issues include articles on coastal and offshore cruising needs, bluewater and Great Loop voyaging, as well as a broad coverage of local, regional, and international cruising destinations. It's the gift that keeps on giving! Get it here.